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Fries Research + Technology GmbH

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

FRT ­ Fries Research and Technology GmbH - Thomas Fries, PhD and his team of qualified, and very motivated, scientists, engineers, technicians and staff. FRT ­ a knowledge of materials and measuring techniques second to none, with specialists for every type of surface.

Renowned world-class measuring systems

Extensive, in-depth know-how and many years of experience in the field of surface analysis using various investigation methods, prompted FRT to develop and build our own measuring systems. Depending on your specific application requirements, the systems can be equipped with a range of sensors, which allow high-precision and rapid measurements.

Measurements lead to the point

In addition to the measuring instruments, FRT also develops specialized control and evaluation software. This software is designed to meet all your evaluation requirements to deliver you with results that you can use.

Each of your information requirements can be specifically met. A variety of key data about a surface are chosen in 2D or 3D mode. Also, automated measurements and analysis of production related data are possible.

Control is good ­ with FRT it is better

Whether 100% inspection or spot checks, control is absolutely necessary for early defects recognition in the production process.

This is the reason why FRT also develops control systems, which are directly integrated in the production process. Depending on the measuring task, the optimal sensor is combined with the appropriate mechanics, hard- and software, and integrated into the custom designed system.

Generally, all measurements or checks are performed optically, meaning non-contact and non-destructively. Several features can be simultaneously checked during one measurement, processes can be streamlined, and the number of line operators can be significantly reduced.

Optimal control with a minimum of investment during the production process.

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Fries Research + Technology GmbH

Gladbach D-51429 Bergisch

Phone: 49 (02204) 84 2430

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