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Microsaic Systems

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Microsaic is a high technology company developing and marketing next generation analysers based on Ionchip technology.

Microsaic was formed in 2001 with technology developed at Imperial College London. Microsaic owns 32 patents, of which 19 protect its Ionchip technology.

Ionchip makes use of high-precision, ‘bottom-up’ semiconductor processes to integrate mass spectrometer components onto a chip less than one hundredth the size of a legacy system - unleashing big advantages in system, cost, weight and reliability. Microsaic develops portable mass spectrometer systems based on Ionchip.

Microsaic partners with customers to deliver products incorporating Ionchip technology. Portable systems are available from Microsaic for a variety of applications including the analysis of petrochemicals, drug-bearing compounds, pollutants, chemical & biological warfare agents, explosives and narcotics.

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Microsaic Systems

Boundary Road Woking
United Kingdom Surrey, GU21 5BX


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