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Nanocomp Technologies Inc

About Company

Nanocomp Technologies Inc (NCTI), based in Concord, NH, was formed in 2004 as a spin-out of Synergy Innovations, Inc., a technology development company. NCTI’s vision is to leverage its proprietary and fundamental advancements in the production of long carbon nanotubes together with a unique ability to fabricate them into physically strong, lightweight, electro-thermally conductive spun yarns and sheets. The company’s goal is to create products with revolutionary performance benefits, creating a new generation of electro-energy and thermal management devices, and advanced structural materials. Carbon nanotubes are the foundation for accomplishing this goal.

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Nanocomp Technologies Inc

162 Pembroke Road
NH, 03301 Concord

Phone: +1 (603) 442 8992

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