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Nanosys Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Founded in 2001 by an experienced business team and world renowned nanotechnology leaders, Nanosys is an industry leading nanotechnology company developing products based on a technology platform incorporating high performance inorganic nanostructures. Our technology is covered by approximately 430 patent and patent applications and is currently being applied to address opportunities in multiple industries including energy, defense, electronics, computing and life science. Some current application areas of our technology include flexible electronics, lightweight and conformal solar cells, memory, and novel nanostructured surface coatings.

Nanosys leverages its nanotechnology platform by collaborating with industry leaders in each of its target markets to develop products. Our partners include Intel, In-Q-Tel, SAIC, two collaborations with Sharp Corporation and multiple collaborations with United States government agencies. By working closely with partners, we are able to combine our specialized expertise and technology with our partner's core competencies to address multiple industry opportunities and "commercialize the promise of nanotechnology".


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Nanosys Inc.

2625 Hanover Street
CA, 94304 Palo Alto

Phone: 1 (650) 331 2100

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