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Nanostructures Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Nanostructures, Inc., has enabling technologies based on (a) patterned thin film devices on membranes and thin substrates and (b) bulk silicon etching of deep microstructures. These technologies make it possible to increase the functionality and ranges of sensors and medical devices. Microfabrication also allows the design of smaller, more compact, and less expensive devices.

Nanostructures' variable-area membrane capacitance technology, developed in conjunction with Horizon Technology Group, can be applied to capacitive sensors, including pressure and acoustic sensors, as well as to optical systems and scanning and imaging devices.

Our hybrid wet/DRIE etch technology has been applied to biomedical testing systems, and has potential in other applications, including MEMS, that require deep microstructures.

We have combined membrane fabrication and microfabrication to develop novel devices, such as microsieves and grid arrays, that require ultrathin substrates.

We provide our own mask design and layout for most custom fabrication projects. In addition, we have partnered with Martin Photomasks to serve our high-end design and mask needs for advanced customer applications.

Nanostructures is a corporate user at both the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility and at the University of California Santa Barbara Nanotech. We have additional technology partnerships in custom processes. Included are Process Specialties, providing standard semiconductor related coatings; Strataglass for specialized chemical vapor deposition; Lance Goddard Associates for metal coatings; and American Precision Dicing for specialized and advanced wafer dicing.

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Nanostructures Inc.

3070 Lawrence Expy
CA, 95051 Santa Clara

Phone: 1 (408) 733 4345

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