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Digital Surf

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Roughness and Texture Analysis Software

About Company

Founded in 1989, Digital Surf is a leading provider of innovative solutions for micro and nano-surface metrology for use in research laboratory, industrial and production environments.

Our company is a pioneer in the measurement and analysis of 3D surface texture, in non-contact measurement and analysis, and in the analysis of measurements made by SPMs (scanning probe microscopes, including STMs, AFMs, SNOMs) which are commonly used in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Worldwide installed base

Digital Surf's products are used every day in every geographical zone where instruments measure, analyze and control surface characteristics in the aerospace, automotive, cosmetics, electronics (MEMS/PCB), energy, medical, metallurgy, plastics, printing and semiconductor sectors and many others. They help research laboratories engaged in the development of new advanced materials and manufacturers who are responsible for assuring their functional performance and quality.

Established B2B Partner

Digital Surf's main focus is on working as a partner and co-developer with surface metrology instrument manufacturers worldwide. We provide high quality B2B solutions that enable our partners to grow their business and profitability by optimizing development costs, achieving faster time to market and increasing customer satisfaction.

Today Digital Surf technologies are integrated by numerous partners whose names read like a Who's Who of surface metrology.

Continuous evolution

Digital Surf has a unique multi-disciplinary team that includes technical specialists in metrology, software engineering, applications and support, and technical documentation and localization. Thanks to our team's dedication to continuous innovation, Mountains Technology® is consistently the first with new applications including compliance with the new ISO 25178 standard, true sub-surface analysis, and the 4D analysis of surface evolution.

Active in standardization

Digital Surf is committed to delivering solutions that conform to the latest standards and incorporate the latest methods. This commitment is reflected in our participation on ISO standards committees and our "Mount Shasta" technical cooperation programme with internationally reputed laboratories.

François Blateyron, COO of Digital Surf, has been involved in the development of surface metrology solutions for almost two decades. An expert on metrology, he has been an active member of French standardization committees and the ISO technical committees (with ISO TC213) responsible for defining the new ISO standards on 3D areal surface texture and new filtration techniques. This made it possible for Mountains Technology® to include the new ISO parameters and filters from the very start and also to gain a lot of experience in this field.

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Digital Surf

16 rue Lavoisier
France Besançon, F-25000


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