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Lu Papi & Associates

About Company

Lu Papi & Associates is a small, flexible, widely networked company that specialises in new product development and the introduction of new processing techniques, including nanotechnology. For example, the company has worked with clients to improve polymer performance via the addition of nanoparticles to the composite and to develop a biomedical product that uses smart nanomaterials.

In 2003, the company entered into collaboration with the University of Western Sydney, leveraging off the university’s scientific and technical resources and supporting their scientific work with engineering and manufacturing know-how. It also acts as an interface between the university’s nanotechnology area and companies interested in developing nanotechnology solutions.


Injection moulding

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Lu Papi & Associates

315 Cut Hill Road
New South Wales, 2570 Cobbitty

Phone: +61 (2) 4651 2380

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