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Vaccine delivery platform

About Company

Vaxxas is focussed on enhancing the performance of existing and next generation vaccines through the development and commercialization of the company's novel vaccine delivery technology - the Nanopatch™.

The Nanopatch™ approach consists of an array of thousands of vaccine coated microprojections that perforate into the outer layers of the skin when applied with an applicator device. The tips of Nanopatch's microprojections are coated with a vaccine material and release this material directly to the large numbers of key immune cells immediately below the skin surface.

Vaxxas is a venture capital funded technology start-up company developing technology that originated from Professor Mark Kendall's research group at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology at The University of Queensland, the Australian university where some of the groundbreaking immunological work on human papilloma (HPV) vaccines was performed. The initial investments into Vaxxas have been made by an international consortium of investors including One Ventures, Brandon Capital, Healthcare Ventures and Medical Research Commercialisation Fund. Leveraging both the potent immunogenic response and product thermostability of Nanopatch-enabled vaccines, Vaxxas is applying its technology to improve the performance of vaccines, with initial applications targeting infectious disease and oncology.

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c/o OneVentures Management, Level 2, 18 Bulletin Place
New South Wales, 2000 Sydney

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