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Praxis Dynamics

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Analysis, Modelling and Simulation of Micro- and Nanosystems

About Company

Praxis Dynamics is a consultancy aiming to utilise scientific expertise to address industrial needs. It provides scientific background surveys, analytical and numerical analysis of physical systems, and modelling and simulation services to industrial projects that involve complex, novel, or cross-domain systems and devices.

Praxis Dynamics specializes in all stages of research and development (R&D) of new micro/nano systems and technologies. The initial step usually includes an in-depth survey of the existing knowledge in all the relevant fields of industrial and academic research and IP. Based on a thorough understanding of the scientific ideas behind the new system, and its scientific and commercial context, a comprehensive physical model is formulated and analysed. This model facilitates quantitative evaluation of the novel capabilities and provides a clear definition of the engineering design space. Finally, elaborate analytical and numerical analysis of the full physical model, including stability, nonlinear effects, and interactions across different physical domains, is provided. The results are used to create a manageable and computationally feasible simulation model (SPICE, Matlab, etc.) that can be utilised by the customer's engineers, designers, and quality control during the product development and testing.

Collaboration with Praxis Dynamics allows the client to tap into any and all of these areas of expertise.

Praxis Dynamics is committed to quality in all professional services it provides, and adheres to a reliable delivery schedule, even in more open-ended, research focused tasks.

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Praxis Dynamics

Seaford Meadows
Australia South Australia, 5169


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