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NanoThinking is a research and consulting company providing strategic advice for innovation with nanotechnology. At the interface between all the nanotechnology stakeholders, we use our expertise to create and deliver highly-specialized, customized services. We are devoted to help our clients to design and implement a global strategy to benefit from the full potential of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology encompasses most recent scientific developments in fields as diverse as physics, surface science, chemistry, molecular biology or microfabrication which occur at the nanoscale and enable a vast range of applications in medicine, electronics, materials, energy production or the environment.

At NanoThinking, we consider that any company may benefit from nanotechnology to drive both disruptive and continuous innovation. The nanotechnology revolution relies on its widespread diffusion across all industrial sectors. Our mission is to bring our clients highly-specialized knowledge and dedicated tools as well as most recently developed products to make nanotechnology accessible. NanoThinking is paving the way between the stakeholders involved in the value chain of nanotechnology.

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40 avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris

Phone: +33 (689) 31 01 00

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