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Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Nanomaterials for the Construction Industry

About Company

Nanovations offers products and services that can assist the construction industry and surface coating in several ways. The company supports both small and large companies with customized product solutions and consultancy services, tailoring the level of advice to suit their needs. Our Consultants can provide a single day of surface finishing consultancy or work on long term projects. Our advice is always geared to improving our client's profitability.

Nanovations main goals are:
1) to promote sustainable and safe products and applications, and improve surface performance and cost benefits.
2) to stimulate the use of new technology and its applications, promoting excellence in construction,
3) to give access to advanced products, knowledge and new technology.

Additional priorities include addressing the need for education and training in new production and application methods, tools, and analytical and testing techniques required for new products.

As a part of its mission, Nanovations promotes environmentally responsible materials, methods, and practices and incorporates the latest technologies and products into sustainable building designs.

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8 Tilley Ln
New South Wales, 2086 Frenchs Forest

Phone: +61 (2) 9975 5602

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