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Taylor Hobson Ltd

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

High accuracy measurement of surface finish, surface roughness, form, roundness and alignment.

About Company

Taylor Hobson has a long and rich heritage. The company was originally formed in 1886 to manufacture lenses. During the 1940s, Taylor Hobson supplied over 80% of the world’s film studio lenses. Beginning in the mid 20th Century Taylor Hobson emerged as a world leader in precision metrology, developing both the world’s first commercial surface texture and the world’s first roundness measuring instruments. Today Taylor Hobson continue to stay at the forefront with continued investment in new technologies and research.

This forward thinking philosophy is captured perfectly in the Talysurf PGI Dimension, a highly versatile precision instrument for aspheric & diffractive optics measurement, which offers completely automated measurement and analysis for rapid throughput. Its ability to measure steep moulds and lenses up to 85 degrees with diameters up to 300mm is unique to the industry.

Taylor Hobson are continually developing our products to meet the ever increasing demands of next generation technologies, particularly in precision optics, automotive, bearings, aerospace and renewable energy technologies.

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Taylor Hobson Ltd

2 New Star Road
Leicestershire, LE4 9JQ Leicester

Phone: 44 (0) 116 276 3771

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