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Nanomag Co., Ltd

About Company

Nanomag has secured new technology manufacturing functional powders such as metal powder and ceramics powder using nano technology. We manufacture and research CeO2 powder for CMP which is very important process for semiconductor manufacturing, ATO(Antimony Tin Oxide) and ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) sol, which are transparent conductive coating sol, electromagnetic wave absorbing, shielding and magnetic materials, and manufacture quality ATO sol, rubber magnet, electromagnetic wave absorbing and shielding sheets due to the newly designed automated system. We invest a part of operation profits in R&D field of nano technology Lab.

In the laboratory, there are many qualified resources in chemistry, material, electron, ceramics and metal engineering. We are doing our best to improve technology through industrial and academic cooperation with Hanyang University and Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. We will contribute to nano material field and electronic part field

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Nanomag Co., Ltd

107, 645(10B-70L), Choji-Dong,
Kyunggi-Do Ansan-Si

Phone: +82 (31) 488-8060-1

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