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Filigree Nanotech

About Company

Filigree Nanotech is a nanomaterials company that develops proprietary, competitive and reliable product. Filigree Nanotech implements its novel product to simplify the manufacturing process, save the material cost, improve end-product performance for the electronics manufacturing, conductive component, solar power, antibacterial applications, optical device, bio-engineering, catalyst, and glass industry.

Filigree Nanotech was founded in 2007. Our vision relied upon the use of silver nanomaterial to create novel materials, applications and end-user product for a variety of industries. Through extensive research and development, Filigree Nanotech discovered the industrialization process of the silver nano structures to utilize for conductive, antibacterial and bio-tech fields. Filigree Nanotech developed the idea of making electronic conductive and antibacterial materials using these proprietary nanostructures.

Filigree Nanotech featured a seasoned tech and sales force in both US and Europe. Two state-of-art facilities are running as of industrial scale in both China and Japan. Filigree Nanotech also structured close technical relationship with the R&D staffs of many Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, Dell, Texas Instrument, GE, Du Pont, Dow Chemical, BASF, Toyota, Hitachi Chemical, Fuji Electric, and etc, to deliver satisfied industrial service package just in time.

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Filigree Nanotech

3455 University Pkwy
NC, 27106 Winston Salem

Phone: +1 (412) 496-0870

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