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Sol Voltaics

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Energy Capture

About Company

Sol Voltaics AB was founded by world renowned nanotechnology expert Lars Samuelson in 2008 in Lund Sweden with the focus to improve the efficiency of energy capture, generation and storage using miniscule amounts of novel nanomaterials. Sol Voltaics pioneering nanowire technology has been developed at the Nanometer Structure Consortium where we enjoy a uniquely close cooperation with scientists at Lund University. Sol Voltaics is a spinout of QuNano AB, headed by well-respected CEO Bo Pedersen, a company created for commercialize research from Lund University. The solar market is the first focus of Sol Voltaics which has taken the seeds of basic nanotechnology research and applying it to dramatically improve the efficiency of solar panels at prices competitive to crystalline silicon.

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Sol Voltaics

Scheelevägen 17
Lund, SE-223 Ideon Science Park

Phone: 46 (0) 46 286 48 70

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