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Bell Labs

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Bell Labs, celebrating more than three-quarters of a century of innovation, is the most famous research and development organization in the world. Bell Labs' mission to Lucent Technologies is two-fold:

  • Provide fundamental research in scientific fields important to communications, and provide innovations that will lead to new communications products and services, and
  • Develop leading edge products and services that will keep Lucent at the forefront of communications.
  • Bell Labs research and development community consists of 16,000 employees in 16 countries.

We've been fueling the telecommunications revolution since telecommunications began, and many of our inventions are commonplace in every home and office. Our talented employees are committed to continuing this success, and one of the most exciting aspects of communications for us is dreaming about what the future may hold -- and then making it happen.

Research accounts for approximately 10 percent of Bell Labs employees. Today, our scientists are focusing on such areas as software, wireless communications, digital signal processing, photonics, voice and speech recognition, microelectronics, multimedia applications, and telecommunications networking technologies. Bell Labs is so productive it receives four patents a day on significant advances in communications.

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Bell Labs

Lucent Technologies
New Jersey, 07974-0636 600 Mountain Ave, Murray Hill

Phone: +1 (980) 5828500

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