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Computer Optics Inc.

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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Computer Optics Inc (COI, Inc.) is a vertically integrated precision optics company. We are committed to providing our clients with the optical design experience they need to establish their application specifications and to design an optical system that meets their design needs, then to manufacture that system at the best price without sacrificing performance. We manufacture your custom optical systems, here, in our 25,000 square foot facility, in Hudson, New Hampshire.

COI has the experience and processes to provide you with the lenses you need. Contact COI whether you need a stock fixed focal length lens or a fully customized infrared zoom lens. Contact COI whether you need a high resolution telecentric lens or a FLIR system. Contact COI whether you need to design a new product or inspect one you are currently manufacturing. Contact COI for target acquisition or cost-reduction.

We offer several competitively priced components both as stock items and for custom use. Computer Optics Inc is MILSPEC certified.

Fulfilling exacting lens requirements for these military and commercial applications depends on in-depth design and engineering capabilities. Computer Optics Inc. (COI) applies years of experience and knowledge in zoom lens and fixed focal length lens systems to help customers meet both defense and industrial challenges. Whether the application is target acquisition or laser surgery, COI's expertise ensures a solution.

As one of the few USA companies with zoom electro-optical design and development capabilities, COI designs solutions for demanding defense, machine vision and surveillance applications. Customers can expect state of the art technology in the concept, design, prototype and pre-production stages of advanced optics and electro optics systems. In addition, COI offerings go beyond product designs and prototypes to on-site and off-site consulting.

Our custom designs range from simple lenses to complex systems and components. Among the specific zoom lens programs in which we've been involved are a 4X f/2.5 for precision machine vision, a 6X f/2.2 zoom lens for missiles, a 14X high resolution zoom lens for space vehicles and a 4X Afocal zoom lens for a FLIR system. While many of our designs were created for specific applications, COI has also developed the COI/COX lens design library which is a family of generic lenses that serves as our optical system database. This database provides a foundation for cost effective, timely, customized solutions for numerous customer applications.

In addition to these extensive design capabilities, we can fabricate customer designed lenses for visible, UV and infrared applications. We provide diamond turning of plano optics in addition to our polishing and coating services. We can produce single elements or the most complex IR zoom systems for military and commercial applications. Our operations include electro optical design; the generation, polishing and coating of lenses; machining operations; assembly and testing. At COI, we work with the most demanding specifications and tolerances on a routine prototype or production basis.

COI routinely integrates optical systems into complete assemblies. We coordinate with end users on the interface of opto-mechanical, computer and electronic systems to provide maximum optical performance and ease of installation and calibration.

We maintain distribution agreements with stock lens manufacturers from around the world so that we can provide you with the best off-the-shelf lenses possible. If you need to begin work on your application now, we'll help you select the stock lens that is the best compromise for your project. Some of our clients are able to use stock lenses as a partial solution while COI completes the development of their custom lenses.

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Computer Optics Inc.

120 Derry Road
NH, 03051 Hudson

Phone: 1 (603) 889 2116

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