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Nanovere Technologies

About Company

Nanovere Technologies specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and licensing of multi-functional nanopolymers and clear nanocoatings under the trade names Vecdör & Nano-Clear®.

Vecdör Nanocoatings outperform all automotive OEM coatings, automotive aftermarket coatings and aerospace coating competitors.

Vecdör Nanocoatings were specifically designed to extend the life of important Automotive OEM Paint, Automotive Aftermarket Paint, Aerospace Paint, Industrial Paint & Marine Paint surfaces by producing a extreme scratch resistant and self-cleaning paint surface. Our hard-coat formulations reduce the time it takes to clean and maintain surfaces from 50-60% by creating a super-hard and self-cleaning paint surface.

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Nanovere Technologies

4023 S. Old US 23, Suite 101
MI, 48114 Brighton

Phone: +1 (810) 227-0077

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