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QCV - Quantum Communications Victoria

About Company

Quantum Communications Victoria (QCV) is a Victorian Government Industry Development Initiative with a focus on developing quantum technology that will enable absolute secure communication. Its research and commercialisation capabilities are those of its Core Partners – The University of Melbourne, MagiQ Technologies Inc., Silicon Graphics Inc., and Qucor Pty Ltd.Its key activities are to:

develop a world class facility for the design and manufacture of secure quantum communication devices;
build a strong domestic knowledge base in the field of quantum communications technology;
strengthen the education and research infrastructure in quantum communication technology;
attract investment.
The technology being prototyped by QCV will enable absolute secure communication using the quantum properties of light. QCV is developing a device capable of producing single packets of light (photons) which can be transmitted in optical fibre. Such a device will resolve the existing issues of single photon generation in current quantum communication systems.

The QCV device is a diamond-based single photon source suitable for optical fiber based quantum communications. Diamond is the only material capable of room-temperature operation. In this scheme, microscopic crystals of diamond are grown directly onto the tips of optical fibers, allowing the single photons emitted from the diamond crystals to be channeled directly into the fiber. The result is a robustly packaged, miniaturized and room temperature stable single photon source.

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QCV - Quantum Communications Victoria

The University of Melbourne
Mlb, 3010 Parkville

Phone: 61 (3) 8344 5431

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