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Athey Technologies

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Athey Technologies was established to implement practical new solutions to old problems using current polymer and coating technology and market knowledge. We bring to bear technology from the paper, textiles, electronics, plastics and rubber industries for cross-fertilization concepts. This may result in a lower cost process or formulation for the client, a new monomer or polymer, establishment of a new market for the client, or some combination of interdisciplinary technologies. For instance, a polymeric armor production problem may be eliminated through use of paper industry technology.

Athey Technologies is headed by Dr. Robert D. Athey Jr., a proven innovator and inventor with over thirty years experience in polymers, coatings, contract research and consulting. He has won awards from paper and coatings technical associations for presentations on technical advances by groups he headed or for whom he was a spokesman. Associates within Athey Technologies are generally hired on a part time basis, and are chosen for their expertise in a particular field.

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Athey Technologies

PO Drawer 7
CA, 94530 El Cerrito

Phone: 1 (510) 526 3541

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