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Applied Optoelectronics Inc.

About Company

Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI) develops and manufactures advanced semiconductor laser transmitters and receivers. These products are used in the Fiber to the Home, telecommunications, wireless, and cable television (CATV) industries, as well as for spectroscopy and other industrial applications.

AOI's products strike a balance between price and performance that is attractive to equipment manufactures and their customers. AOI achieves this balance by developing innovative laser and detector technologies. With its team of leading researchers, AOI has assembled a pool of talent to develop these technologies and has made significant advances in manufacture of these advanced devices.

AOI was founded in February 1997 with the goal of providing high-quality leading-edge semiconductor component solutions. The company’s work helped redefine the infrared laser landscape and was so outstanding that it was named the Sensors and Instrumentation Technology of the Year 2000 by NASA Tech Briefs magazine.

In 2000, the company constructed a state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing facility in Sugar Land, Texas, near Houston. This 24,000 sq. ft (2230 sq. meter) manufacturing facility consolidated the company's administrative offices, laboratories and production lines in one location.

In 2002, an independent third-party auditor certified that AOI's quality management system met the rigorous ISO 9001:2000 standard. Meeting this international standard confirmed AOI's commitment to designing and manufacturing consistent, quality products.

AOI has developed three areas of distinction that set the company apart from its competitors: a high-quality team, outstanding facilities, and unique experience in design, materials, processing and packaging.

AOI has assembled a world-class team of optoelectronics researchers and engineers. Led by CEO and President Thompson Lin, Ph.D., the company’s talent pool stretches from component design through final testing. It has particularly strong depth in III-V material growth via molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and wafer processing and packaging technologies: areas that are particularly problematic for laser developers.

AOI has also worked hard to assemble the necessary tools for its team. The company's headquarters houses state-of-the-art equipment which allow vertically-integrated production by combining design, wafer growth, processing, packaging, and testing, leading to a complete source for cutting-edge semiconductor component manufacture. The facilities also allow the company to rapidly develop new solutions for customer demands, enhancing the ability of its customers to hasten time to market for their new products.

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Applied Optoelectronics Inc.

13111 Jess Pirtle Blvd.
TX, 77478 Sugar Land

Phone: +1 (281) 295 1800

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