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AION Diagnostics

About Company

AION Diagnostics Ltd (AION) is a wholly owned subsidiary of pSivida Ltd, a publicly listed entity. AION is engaged in advancing life through superior diagnostic products based on an innovative platform technology, BioSilicon™. AION Diagnostics is committed to the innovation and development of diagnostics which modify, improve and reduce development and progression of disease states.

Leveraging experience and expertise from the electronics industry, known characteristics of silicon are combined with versatile and unique properties of BioSilicon™ offering an unparalleled diversity that promises to revolutionize diagnostic and sensor applications in healthcare.

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AION Diagnostics

Level 2, The Mirimar
Subiaco, 6008 40 - 48 Subiaco Square Road

Phone: +61 (8) 6461 9400

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