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Kyoto University - Kawakami Laboratory

Kyoto University - Kawakami Laboratory

They research tries to construct and establish a new concept of semiconductor materials research- semiconductor exciton photonics.

They would like to create and found a new concept of semiconductor materials research-semiconductor exciton photonics. This exploration includes growth techniques for low dimensional or nano-scale structures by atomic-scale controlling of surfaces and interfaces together with excitonic and photonic properties.

They publicize such studies to finally realize cutting-edge optical devices and applications that dramatically enrich human activities. Three main research areas are dedicated:

(1) The development of new measurement techniques for studying nano-scaled optical emission dynamics

(2) The application of the original techniques developed in (1) to nano- and micro-scopic physical properties of materials and biosamples. New biosensors and devices are studied and realized.

(3) They also realized methodologies to modify and control the growth process of crystal structures of optical devices in order to obtain a light source with a desired emission color and a 100% quantum efficiency.


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Kyoto University - Kawakami Laboratory

Katsura Campus, Nishikyo-ku
606-8510 Kyoto

Phone: +81-75-383-2311

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