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Material Manufacturer

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INNOVNANO manufactures a diverse range of nanostructured ceramic materials designed specifically for clients producing the next generation of advanced engineering products and components. Their clients benefit from the technical and commercial advantages that this enabling technology offers both established and emerging industries.

Headquartered in Lisbon, INNOVNANO is part of CUF, the largest chemical company in Portugal and an organisation with decades of invaluable expertise in the development and commercialisation of novel, efficient industrial processes. Based on this technology platform and an extensive R&D collaboration programme with leading industry and university partners, their innovative industrial-scale process produces customisable, high quality nano-structured powders and products with excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties.

INNOVNANO relocated its manufacturing and technology to a brand new purpose-built facility in Coimbra, Portugal in January 2012. The new production centre is built on a modular design, facilitating future expansion to meet the rapidly growing demands of the many industries taking advantage of high performance nano-structured materials. Their patented process utilises feedstock precursors from sustainable sources, ensuring both a reliable and economical continuity of supply.

Innovnano’s current portfolio of nanostructured powders and products include a range of yttria-stabilised zirconia powders and sputter coating targets based on their own aluminium zinc oxide (AZO) nanopowders. Due to the customisable nature of their innovative process technology, their Technology group will discuss specific client requirements for single, binary and ternary oxide nanopowders on a case-by-case basis. Please contact them by email at:

Products include:

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Lagoas Park
Porto Salvo, 2740 – 244 Building 6 Floor 2

Phone: 351 (21) 00 58 600

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