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MOXTEK™, Inc. was founded in 1986 with a technology jointly developed with Brigham Young University. MOXTEK has developed a strong presence in the x-ray and optical component markets through a combination of technology excellence and superior customer service.

MOXTEK manufactures several analytical x-ray components including: ultra-thin films, specialty coatings, ultra-low noise electronics, miniature x-ray sources, and Si-PIN x-ray detectors.

MOXTEK is also extremely skilled in the technology and manufacture of specialized optical products. In 2002, MOXTEK introduced the ProFlux™ polarizer. This polarizer exhibits superior performance in high flux projection systems such as those used in business projectors and rear projection HDTV televisions. The ProFlux™ polarizer was awarded the 2002 Silver Award by the Society for Information Display (SID) in recognition of its outstanding contribution. The ProFlux™ polarizer and more recent beam splitter components have achieved wide acceptance in the market. MOXTEK expects the ProFlux polarizer to achieve significant sales revenue in the coming years.

Moxtek was acquired in 2004 by Polatechno (PLC). PLC is headquartered in Niigata, Japan and was established in July 1991 as a joint venture between Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. and Arisawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. PLC is a market leader in optical parts for LCD projectors. PLC now offers a variety of high-tech products. PLC has production facilities in Niigata, Japan and Wuxi/Zhuhai, China. PLC has distribution partnerships in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.

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