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Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology Harvard Uni.

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The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology offers a program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, with research and training opportunities in organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, and in chemical biology. An interdepartmental Ph.D. program in Chemical Physics is also available.

Thesis research becomes the student's chief concern following an initial period of course work, teaching, and sampling research opportunities through our laboratory rotation system. Students' own interests and those of their faculty supervisor(s) guide the direction of the doctoral studies. The department's interactive and supportive social structure is a key element for promoting a high quality-of-life while achieving a high level of success.

Science in the 21st century is rich with opportunity and challenge. Our pillars for success in this complex world are all tied to interactions -- between people, and between disciplines. By building both strong interpersonal connections between our students and faculty, and effective bridges between disciplines, the entering graduate student at Harvard can thrive at the frontiers of research in the chemical and life sciences.

The Chemical Laboratories of Harvard University are the major part of the Cabot Sciences Complex. The 278,000 sq. ft. of modern research laboratories offered by the Department are housed in four buildings, Edward Mallinckrodt Chemical Laboratory, James Bryant Conant Laboratory, Converse Memorial Laboratory, and the new Naito Laboratory. These buildings are conveniently located in a group with the Fairchild Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and with the Hoffman Geological Laboratories. Undergraduate instruction for Harvard College is conducted in the adjacent Cabot Science Center. Nearby are the Biological Laboratories, the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Physics Laboratories.

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Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology Harvard Uni.

12 Oxford Street
MA, 02138 Cambridge

Phone: 1 (617) 4954076

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