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National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL)

National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL)

They provide an environment for integrated device services and cross-field integration researches.

NDL was founded in 1988 and it has became a national open nano device process test environment, and provided a unique open experiment research environment for comprehensive turnkey delivery services, and assembling experts in life science, optical, electronic, mechanical, circuit design or system engineering areas. They effort to gain cross-field research results and technologies with various collaboration models, such that the research energy of Taiwan academic and research institutes with respect to integrated device technologies were improved, and international academic prestige was created.

Generally, NDL has been playing aa important role in support of universities in Taiwan for research and development in nowadays semiconductor process technologies, and educating and training high-tech people for the microelectronics industries.


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National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL)

No.26, Prosperity Road I, Hsinchu Science Park
30078 Hsinchu

Phone: 886-3-5726100

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