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Nanonex Corporation

About Company

The mission of Nanonex is to deliver, today, user-friendly nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tools and solutions to a broad spectrum of markets and to both experts and non-experts of microfabrication. The Nanonex solution makes a turnkey nanoimprint operation today a reality.

Nanonex was founded in 1999 by Stephen Y. Chou, a Professor of Princeton University and a renowned pioneer in nanotechnology. Built on the team, expertise, and IPs of eight-years worth of multi-million-dollars research of Professor Chou's university research group, Nanonex began its own development in 2000 and quickly delivered products to the market. Today Nanonex products are used in both research and manufacturing by industry and academia. In addition to its own IPs, Nanonex has received exclusive licenses for the related technologies developed by Prof. Chou's research group.

Nanonex's current team consists of seasoned business and technical members from industry as well as the experts in nanoimprint technology and applications.

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Nanonex Corporation

1 Deer Park Drive, Suite O
NJ, 08852 Monmouth Junction

Phone: +1 (732) 355 1600

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