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Weizmann Institute - Nanochemistry Group

Weizmann Institute - Nanochemistry Group

The research team is interested in developing new molecular and nanoscale approaches to both understanding chemical and physical properties of materials (inorganic, organic and biological).

This research team aims in the organization of one-dimensional nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanotubes and nanowires; moreover, their integration into functional nanosystems (mechanical, electronic, electromechanical, optoelectronic, electromagnetic, thermal, etc.); and their characterization by mechanical, electrical and optical measurements at the nanometer scale. Their research points out the role of intermolecular forces in chemistry, as the basis for both molecular recognition and molecular assembly.

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Weizmann Institute - Nanochemistry Group

Weizmann Institute, Department of Materials and Interfaces
76100 Rehovot

Phone: +972-8-934 2350

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