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Sogang University - Center for Nano Materials

Sogang University - Center for Nano Materials

They occupy with development of new nanomaterials.

This research institute was established in 2006. Their aim is to be a world class research center for nanomaterials. The Center performs these activities:



1. Research on nanomaterials

2. Contract research services

3. Research presentations, seminars, open lectures, workshops and publications

4. Domestic and international academic exchanges with other research partners

5. TEM analysis service
The fields of research are:

1. Development of new nanomaterials

2. Investigation of properties of various nanomaterials

3. Synthesis of uniformly sized and shaped micro-crystals

4. 2D and 3D arrangement of micro-meter sized nanomaterials

5. Development of high-efficient 2nd and 3nd nonlinear optical materials by using nano materials

6. Development of the molecular separation membrane based on nano-porous materials

7. Development of quantum dot and wire incorporated in zeolite


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Sogang University - Center for Nano Materials

35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu
121-742 Seoul

Phone: 02-715-2569

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