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Thin Film Research Laboratory (GCM)

Thin Film Research Laboratory (GCM)

This is a unique research center that pay close attention to the study of advanced materials.

The GCM is a research center that focuses on studying of advanced materials and it is also materials analysis laboratory that provide the academic and industrial communities. They make analysis in these four categories: Microscopy, Thermal Analysis, Chemical Analysis and Mechanical Properties. Moreover,  a chemical analysis target to obtain the sample’s elementary or molecular composition. Different techniques allow to gain qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative solutions and to analyze liquids, solids and/or gaz. Their next field of impact are thin films, microfabrication and they provide training for students and engineers.


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Thin Film Research Laboratory (GCM)

Pavillon J.A.B. bureau 5074, Campus de l?Université de Montréal, 2500 chemin de Polytechnique Read more: Thin Film Research Laboratory (GCM) | Nanowerk Nanotechnology Company Database
H3T 1J4 Montreal

Phone: 514-340-4711 #7459

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