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About Company

Elmarco Ltd. is expanding dynamically through it's commitment to the production of high-tech solutions for the nanofiber and semiconductor industries. Since its foundation in 2000, Elmarco has established a strong presence in the semiconductor market, where the main focus of operations is the production of chemical distribution systems for wet wafer surface preparation technology. Elmarco's annual turnover exceeds 536 million CZK (18 million EUR) in 2004.

At the beginning of 2006 Elmarco engaged 60 new employees, bring the current total workforce to approximately 160. The mean age of our staff is 32 years.

In cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec , Elmarco developed the first equipment for mass production of nanofibers.

In May 2005 Elmarco founded the overseas affiliated branch Elmarco Japan Co. Ltd. located in Kobe, Japan and on September Elmarco and Alltracel launched Joint Venture Nanopeutics operating in the field of nanofiber technologies for professional as well as the consumer segment of the woundcare market.

Its success is based on professional and reliable customer service, a high level of flexibility and bespoke solutions. We are committed to on-going improvement of our business and constantly reevaluating and targeting segments of the market in which we can fully utilize our experience and know-how.

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Kobe Fashion Mart Bldg, 9, Naka 6 chome, Koyocho Higashinada
HYOGO, 658-0032 KOBE

Phone: +81 (78) 858 7145

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