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Atomistix -Software for Nanotechnology Development

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Service Provider

About Company

Atomistix A/S is a leading provider of software solutions for development of nanotechnology. As the first company in the world, Atomistix has developed a system of integrated software modules based on quantum theory - the Atomistix Virtual NanoLab™ - that can accurately calculate properties associated with electron distribution and transport, and simulate experiments with integrated nanoscale systems. The software is a unique tool to understand, predict and visualize electronic processes in atomic and molecular structures. With the software, nanotechnology scientists and engineers are able to establish competitive advantages by developing materials and designing products with radically new properties and functions.

Atomistix Collaboration with the Niels Bohr Institute

Since incorporation in October 2003, Atomistix has been working in close collaboration with the Nano-Science Center at the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen University, for developing new quantum-chemical algorithms and an intuitive user interface in order to make these methods widely usable.

Atomistix Software Sales and Distribution

Atomistix is headquartered in Copenhagen, and has sold and distributed its software solutions on five continents. Atomistix offers support, training and consultancy to its users. The company is supporting its worldwide efforts with R & D and competence centres in Copenhagen and Singapore in cooperation with local scientific institutions. Atomistix is engaged in partnerships with leading marketing companies for distribution of the Atomistix Virtual NanoLab software throughout the globe.

Atomistix Mission Statement

The mission of Atomistix is to offer unique expertise and software solutions contribution to the understanding and prediction of nanoscale behavior and the development of novel materials, components and processes necessary for scientists, engineers and corporations to obtain competitive advantages in the nanotechnology market space.

The Vision of Atomistix

The vision of Atomistix is to establish a world leading commercial provider of unique, enabling software solutions for nanotechnology research, design and development, and services related hereto.

Atomistix Expertise

The mission and vision of Atomistix is implemented through continuous improvement of the broad coherent software architecture with various functionalities and specified nanotechnology applications. Leading scientists and technologists in the field of nanotechnology are employed to fulfil this objective. Additionally, Atomistix has established collaborative research and development agreements with The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and The Niels Bohr Institute (NBI). This will ensure a future supply of breakthrough research results and intellectual property to be incorporated in the products and services. Furthermore, the application specific development efforts are based on collaborations with partners. Atomistix is engaged in partnerships with leading marketing companies for distribution of the Atomistix Virtual NanoLab software throughout the globe.

Atomistix Core Values

The core values of Atomistix are built upon:

  • Integrity and ethics in our conduct
  • Respect for the individual
  • Excellence in know-how and execution
  • Leadership

Atomistix’s first and foremost commitment is our customers, whom we provide unique software solutions and services to gain comprehensive insight and understanding in nanostructures. We assist our customers using our software to gain competitive advantages in their nanotechnology-based projects.

For our shareholders, the management and the employees of Atomistix are committed to conduct the business skillfully and in accordance with all legal and ethical requirements, and to maximize returns through a long term market presence.

For our employees, Atomistix is committed to establish an attractive environment that encourages personal development and corporate growth. We believe in sharing knowledge, continuous learning and commitment.

Atomistix is committed to partner with communities in which we work, and to provide expertise in support of education, science programs and development of beneficial products and technologies.

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Atomistix -Software for Nanotechnology Development

c/o Niels Bohr Institute
Copenhagen, 2100 Juliane Maries Vej 30

Phone: 4535320630

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