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GRAnPH Nanotech

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Graphene and Graphene Products

About Company

GRAnPH Nanotech is a technological enterprise, in the field of nanotechnology, with the objective of providing superior quality single-layer graphene products for high tech applications, as well as other carbon based nanostructures and nanocomposites.

GRAnPH Nanotech is comprised of an international group of carbon and composite materials experts formed by chemists, physicists and research engineers.

Their own patented technology for producing single layer graphene was developed from the intensive cooperation, over the last five years, between Grupo Antolin-Ingenieria, the first European producer of carbon nanofibres by the floating catalyst method, and the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Alicante, an internationally reputed research center in carbon-based materials.

Through this collaboration they have demonstrated the helical-ribbon graphitic structure of the carbon nanofibres (CNF) produced in large quatities using the industrially scalable floating catalyst process (I. Martín-Gullón, et al. Carbon 44, 1572, 2006; J. Vera-Agullo, et al. Carbon 45, 2751, 2007), as well as developed intensive know how in dispersion techniques of CNF in polymer-based nanocomposites by chemical and physical processes (J. Vera-Agulló, et al. Compos. Sci. Technol. 69, 1521, 2009; D.R. Bortz et al. Compos. Sci. Technol 71, 31, 2011).

GRAnPH Nanotech is born with the objective of becoming a leader in the restricted market of high quality single-layer graphene materials and products, and contributing to the development of new graphene based electronics, energy devices and structural applications. GRAnPH Nanotech counts on the technical and commercial support of Grupo Antolin in 22 countries.

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GRAnPH Nanotech

Ctra. Madrid-Irún km. 244,8
Spain Burgos, E09007


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