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Eqalix, Inc.

About Company

Eqalix, Inc. is an emerging regenerative medicine development company with a goal of enhancing the quality of life of consumers and patients by providing novel nano-materials for the repair and regeneration of diseased, traumatized, and aging tissues.

Eqalix’ innovative technologies are intended to revolutionize the unmet needs in multiple commercial and therapeutic applications in the regenerative medicine space. The company has received exclusive commercial licensing from three prominent institutions (University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) for several groundbreaking technologies to be developed in the fields of aesthetic dermatology, the consumer market for wound treatments, acute and chronic wounds requiring skin replacement, vascular replacements, and to repair traumatic damage to peripheral nerves. Another area of potential application is the creation of tissue replacement to augment or support internal organs.

Eqalix plans to further develop and introduce these advancements in a three-staged approach focusing initially on early revenue generation from consumer products, moving onto wound healing and therapeutic dermatology and later advancing through the full FDA approval process for cardiovascular and neurological repair segments over a five-year period. The technologies show promise of significant advancements and could offer a paradigm shift in the treatment of various injuries and medical conditions.

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Eqalix, Inc.

1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 100
VA, 20191 Reston

Phone: 1 (910) 233.0806

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