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CVD Technologies

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Chemical vapour deposition or 'CVD' is the generic name for a variety of industrial processes in which films of materials are deposited onto the surfaces of other materials by chemical reaction of molecules transported to the surface in a gas of some sort. Perhaps the best known of these processes are those which lead to the production of semiconductor chip materials such as silicon or gallium arsenide, or those which lead to high volume coated products.

CVD Technologies Ltd has been formed in order to exploit knowledge of CVD processes and technology, together with knowledge gained in the related field of process monitoring and control, which has developed from the research activities of staff at the University of Salford over a number of years.

CVD Technologies Ltd is, in the first instance, a knowledge-based business. Building upon its' existing knowledge base, the company seeks "shared cost" development programmes in the U.K. and Europe, aimed at expanding the knowledge base, expanding contacts with potential customers, and producing prototypes of new CVD-based product ideas.

In parallel, CVD Technologies offers specialist consultancy services in the field of CVD and related technologies including state-of-the-art developments such as activated CVD) and monitoring of CVD processes e.g. on-line process control systems. This latter activity benefits from links to a spin-out company based at the University of Huddersfield, TDL Sensors Ltd, which emerged from a Brite-Euram programme involving the Universities of Salford and Huddersfield..

CVD Technologies provides specific engineering solutions to CVD related problems via the use of its extensive contacts/network of skilled consultants.

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CVD Technologies

Cockcroft Building,
Salford, M5 4WT University of Salford,

Phone: 44 (0161) 295 3711

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