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NanoPore Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

NanoPore, Incorporated was founded in 1993 with the purpose of commercializing high porosity/high surface area materials for a wide range of applications including adsorbtion, gas separation, advanced thermal insulation, low-K dielectrics, and optics.

NanoPore's technical strengths are based on our strong focus on chemical processing of novel porous materials, an understanding of the relationships between the structure and properties of these types of materials, and from being directly involved with many customers on what their real needs are for advanced materials-based products.

The company's employees have published over 400 refereed publications, have made over 450 presentations, and over 120 patent applications have been submitted to the U.S. Patent Office. More than 80 patents have already been issued related to NanoPore's development and commercialization activities. In addition, NanoPore (along with the University of New Mexico and Sandia National Laboratories) received R&D Magazine's "R&D 100 Award" in 1996 for work on ambient pressure aerogel process technology.

NanoPore's employees have given invited talks at many technical meetings including the national meetings of the Materials Research Society and American Ceramic Society, Sematech's low K workshop, Planar/USA, Planar/Asia, DUMIC, ULSI Advanced Metallization and the fifth International Symposium on Aerogels in France which is the preeminent scientific meeting on aerogels in the world. NanoPore and Sandia National Laboratories jointly hosted the Sixth International Symposium on Aerogels during October, 2000 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

NanoPore has developed several product lines including the NANOGLASS family of porous silica interlevel and intermetal dielectrics thin films for use in advanced semiconductors, NanoPore superinsulation vacuum insulation panels and inserts, and NanoCool adsorption cooling systems. Other porous materials developed at NanoPore have been used for applications including adsorbents, catalyst supports, and thickener/viscosity control.

NanoPore currently has research and development as well as manufacturing activities in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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NanoPore Inc.

2501 Alamo Ave. SE
NM, 87106 Albuquerque

Phone: 1 (505) 247 4041

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