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Fischer-Cripps Laboratories

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Nanoindentation Systems

About Company

Fischer-Cripps Laboratories Pty Ltd is a company first registered in New South Wales, Australia in 1966. The company has a long history of scientific manufacturing and consultancy. In 1999 Dr Cripps took over the UMIS project from Professor Swain at CSIRO and in 2005, the company formally took on the UMIS product as a commercial undertaking. Fischer-Cripps Laboratories redeveloped UMIS with numerous improvements and reduction in price to produce the IBIS nanoindenter. Fischer-Cripps Laboratories is is an independent private company and is not a subsidiary of, or part-owned by, any other company.

Fischer-Cripps Laboratories Pty Ltd has its own well-equipped mechanical and electrical workshops and test laboratory in the northern suburbs of metropolitan Sydney, about 12 kms from the city centre. The team consists of a small number of dedicated professionals who have been with the program for many years and are committed to maintaining our excellent reputation for reliability and precision nanoindentation. Every instrument is made on top quality machine tools by craftsmen dedicated to the task. Each and every instrument is rigorously tested and personally signed off by Dr Cripps to ensure that your purchase will work accurately and reliably after installation and for many years to come.

Fischer-Cripps Laboratories is headed by Dr Tony Fischer-Cripps, a well known expert in nanoindentation. Dr Cripps obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physics) degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, in 1988 and a PhD (Science) at the University of Sydney in 1994. He is the author of eight books, two of which are monographs on Contact Mechanics and Nanoindentation published by Springer-Verlag. Dr Cripps undertook a post-doctoral research program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA, in 1994-95 and headed the UMIS program at CSIRO from 1999 to 2005. Our engineers and technical staff have a long association with nanoindentation extending back to the mid 1980's at the CSIRO National Measurement Laboratory in Sydney.

Sales Contact

Dr Tony Cripps

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Fischer-Cripps Laboratories

29 Londonderry Drive
NSW, 2087 Killarney Heights

Phone: 61 (0) 2 9453 5658

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