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RAMEM s.a.

About Company

RAMEM s.a. is a firm that works in the area of Designing and Manufacturing Mechanical Equipment.

RAMEM carries out important R&D+i activities in different industrial sectors:

  • Particles Detector: Nanometric range (10-9m)
  • DMA's (Differential Mobility Analyzers) in
  • collaboration with the University of Yale (USA); Submicrometric Range (10-6m) Automatic Answer Cascade Impactators in collaboration with CIEMAT (Spanish Environmental Agency).

Their main applications are centered in security (explosive detection, narcotics & drugs,...), pollution and studies of atmospheric chemistry, medicine and biology (Proteoma), instrumental analysis ('per se' and like front-end to other instruments, e.g. spectrometers of masses, etc.). Positioners (based on Hexapods), for instance Heliostatos that optimized the sun tracking for energy generation. Contributing with more rigidity and precision, and increases in panel's size, improving price and efficiency.

Fuel Cells (PEM Fuel Cells). In collaboration with different research centers companies (INTA, CIEMAT, CARTIF, BESEL...) has been developed one of the first prototypes of cells of Hydrogen and Methanol carried out in Spain. These Fuel cells, based on a electrochemistry reaction, will contribute in a near futureto energy efficiency and less contamination; and will be used in the sectors of: terrestrial transport, domestic use, portable applications for personal use, military, auxiliary systems in aerospace, etc.

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RAMEM s.a.

Sambara 33
28027 Madrid

Phone: +34 (91) 4044575

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