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Tel Aviv University - NanoBioPhotonix Lab

Tel Aviv University - NanoBioPhotonix Lab

This research group specializes in many fields of optical imaging and spectroscopy with emphasis on single molecule detection and development of imaging based techniques.

These research teams of students consist of chemists, biologists and physicists who are focused on learning from each other and trying to learn new things by zooming in on individuals - single cells, chromosomes and molecules. They use  very well equipped laboratories and the research is highly multi and inter disciplinary. Also, they explore genomes utilizing tools and reagents from the realm of nano-technology. Moreover, their main aim is single-molecule genomics but they have activity in development of new optical detection schemes and novel imaging techniques.

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Tel Aviv University - NanoBioPhotonix Lab

Orenstein bldg. room 312 / 410 Department of Chemical Physics School of Chemistry Tel Aviv University
69978 Tel Aviv

Phone: +972-(0)3-640-8698

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