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MiniFAB Pty Ltd

About Company

MiniFAB is a research and prototyping facility for companies wanting to take their development beyond proof of concept and into early-stage manufacturing. The company was founded by the specialist clean room designer and construction company Wilkore, Dalmore Holdings and Swinburne University.

MiniFAB has its own clean rooms and micro and nano-manufacturing facilities. MiniFAB’s nanotechnology expertise lies in ‘packaging’ of nanotechnologies into applications, such as applying nanofilms to a microfluidic chip and then incorporating it into a handheld device.

MiniFAB research has led to numerous new devices and components, including micro-chemical reactors, bio-fluidic handling systems and connectors, and integrated active components such as valves, pumps and optical elements. This year MiniFAB, in partnership with South East Water in Melbourne, researchers are developing a lab-on-a-chip system for measuring ecoli in rivers and waste water. The objective is to develop a handheld product that will deliver a rapid measurement of water bacteria levels.

MiniFAB is also developing Modified Atmosphere Packaging for the food industry, by modifying the breath-ability of packaging material by piercing plastic packaging with micron-sized holes that are small enough to prevent micro organisms and bacteria from passing through, but allow the passage of water vapour and air.

MiniFAB’s clients range from start-ups to large multinational corporations, such as the international packaging company Amcor and Australia’s Defence Science Technology Organisation. The company is establishing a presence in the UK, and has developed alliances with numerous international nanotechnology forums.


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Sales Contact

Prof Erol Harvey
Chief Executive Officer

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MiniFAB Pty Ltd

1 Dalmore Drive Caribbean Park
Victoria, 3179 Scoresby

Phone: +61 (3) 9764 2241

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