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Surrey Nanosystems

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Carbon nanotube processing equipment

About Company

Surrey NanoSystems produces the world's most advanced tools and Carbon Nanotube processing recipes - making precision, repeatable nanotube and nanowire fabrication a reality. Surrey NanoSystems designed-for-purpose tools bridge the gap between R&D initiatives, and the volume production of commercial nanotechnology-based products.

The NanoGrowth™ system, containing intellectual world-leading property developed over many years at The University of Surrey's Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), and by the thin-film tool maker CEVP, provides a versatile and proven platform for nanoengineering research, development and production. This includes a pioneering technique for the precision growth of Carbon Nanotubes at temperatures compatible with semiconductor fabrication processes.

The NanoGrowth platform provides:

  • highly-programmable CVD, PECVD and ICP processing
  • proven material growth recipes including unique lower-temperature processes
  • modular and scalable hardware, from a benchtop furnace, to a load/lock system with built-in catalyst source
  • common software control throughout the range of tools

Surrey NanoSystems will configure and build the turnkey process equipment you need to support your nanoengineering and thin film programs.

Surrey NanoSystems' products and services

  • Tools for carbon nanotube and nanowire fabrication
  • PVD/PECVD sputtering tools for semiconductor, MEMS, GMR fabrication
  • RF power switches and accessories

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Surrey Nanosystems

Unit 24 Euro Business Park
Newhaven, BN9 0DQ New Road

Phone: 44 (1273) 515899

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