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Center for Nanoscale Science

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The Penn State Center for Nanoscale Science is a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center funded by the National Science Foundation. The Center supports collaborative, interdisciplinary research efforts in the area of nanoscale materials. The research themes of the Center are focused broadly on molecular nanofabrication, complex inorganic materials, biological and nanoscale motors, low-dimensional electronic nanostructures, and integrated optical metamaterials. These research themes are integrated with major efforts in educational and industrial outreach. The activities of the Center involve over fifty students and postdoctoral fellows, an approximately equal number of faculty from eight academic departments at the Penn State University Park Campus and Hershey Medical Center, and a number of external academic and industrial partners.

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Center for Nanoscale Science

104 Davey Lab
PA, 16802-6300 University Park

Phone: 1 (814) 8638407

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