ScIDre GmbH

ScIDre GmbH

ScIDre is a company based in Dresden, Germany. Scientific Instrument Dresden is a globally acting technology enterprise, which is a partner of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials research Dresden.

ScIDre GmbH is considered to be a professional in fundamental research and natural sciences. Therefore, the main business area of the company is the development of unrivaled scientific equipment with unique features, based on the requests and requirements of scientists. Any kind of customized solution could be made on request. The company transfers it's technologies from from the Leibniz Institute. But this doesn't mean that own know-how are unacceptable. The main point of cooperation with ScIDre is creating customer-specific versions of already created engineering activities. Transparent licensing and cooperation agreements are the advantages company offers. Among products of the company we can find: - Crystal Growth Systems: floating zone, bridgman, czochralski and flux growth. Each system has an ability to work at pressures at up to 150 bar with different gases and mixtures in the growth chamber. - Special Process Furnaces: Ultra-clean rod preparation, High pressure oxygen syntering and Aggressive Media Treatment. - Scientific equipment: Phase transition microscope, Ultra-clean argon preparation, cold isostatic press - Vacuum & Cryo-Technologies: Linear Manipulator, liquid helium pump. It is necessary to emphasize that company offers such services as Design & Calculations, software development, job order production and exploitation of ideas. More information on a website of the company.

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ScIDre GmbH

Großenhainer Strasse 101
01127 Dresden

Phone: +49 (0) 351-82 11 31 40

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