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Seoul National University - Nano Fabrication Laboratory

Seoul National University - Nano Fabrication Laboratory

The main aim of research is focused into two important technologies in materials science and engineering that are nanotechnology and thin-film technology.

Their research works are mainly aimed on the fabrication of novel nanoscale materials and tools such as graphene, transparent conducting oxide, nanopore/nanochannel structures for manipulation of ions / biomolecules and DNA. In addition, they target at designing and developing new kinds of advanced nanodevices for scientific pursuit and industrial applications. Moreover, they have developed a new type of nano-patterning technique which allowed to use fast and large fields processes, called as Atomic Image Projection E-beam Lithography (AIPEL) by introducing a natural crystal lattice image as an e-beam mask. This novel system is applied to fabricate highly-periodic sub-50-nm nanostructures for various emerging applications in thermoelectrics and optoelectronic tools. They are also interested in nanoscale hybrid materials such as single-crystal-like graphene, graphene / metal nanoparticles hybrid film, and layer-doped transparent conducting oxides. They have no limits to these research areas, they are always open to creative research fields.

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Seoul National University - Nano Fabrication Laboratory

599 Gwanak-ro Gwanak-gu
151-744 Seoul

Phone: +82-2-880-7095

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