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UtiliseGold - A World Gold Council Initiative

About Company

UtiliseGold is a unique website, designed to support the industrial uses of gold. UtiliseGold provides an effective and convenient resource for engineers, designers, scientists, technicians, and managers seeking to use gold as a technical material. Practical uses of gold currently account for approximately 400 tonnes of gold demand per year, and include uses in electronics, dentistry, biomedical applications, chemistry, catalysis, nanotechnology, and coatings amongst others.

An initiative of the World Gold Council, UtiliseGold is completely free to use and features:

  • detailed information on the technical uses and practical applications of gold.
  • a fully search-able international business directory with direct links to the websites of manufacturers of gold-based materials, chemicals and products.
  • a daily newsfeed of the latest news on gold, specifically targeted at the industrial/scientific communities.
  • details of novel gold-based technologies available for licensing and commercial exploitation.

Manufacturers of industrial gold products interested in listing their products in the UtiliseGold directory are invited to visit the website and follow the listed instructions.

The World Gold Council’s companion website remains the unique source of scientific papers published in the e-journal Gold Bulletin.

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UtiliseGold - A World Gold Council Initiative

World Gold Council
London, EC2M 1RX 55 Old Broad Street

Phone: +44 (207) 8264700

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