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Phares AG

About Company

Phares AG, located in Basel, Switzerland provides a range of services and products to develop dosage forms for insoluble compounds. Phares 360 services ( include pharmaceutical profiling for lead selection (Survey), rapid solutions for tox testing (Speed) and developing clinical formulations with enhanced bioavailability (Icebreaker). These services use a variety of specific technologies to improve the solubility and dissolution of poorly soluble compounds by selecting the appropriate physical state; Solubilized, Amorphous and Crystalline. Additionally, Phares sells products to help companies develop their compounds in-house. These are sold exclusively on and include a standardized powder to prepare FeSSIF and FaSSIF instantly (SIF Powder) and a liposome solubilization vehicle suitable for parenteral and oral administration (Liposome). Our mission is to help our clients reach the clinic faster by accelerating the development time of their compound.

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Phares AG

PO Box 637
Muttenz, CH-4132 Kluenenfeldstrasse 30

Phone: +41 (61) 317 9040

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