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Focal Point Microsystems LLC

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

From cell phones to advanced medical diagnostics, our everyday lives are affected by miniaturized devices. These devices have allowed us to communicate more efficiently, share information more readily, travel with increased safety, and receive the best medical care available.

While the advantages of microtechnology are being utilized in numerous markets, technology boundaries along with production shortfalls has limited their proliferation in many emergent fields-preventing new product innovations from coming to market.

Focal Point has found a solution. With blocking patents on materials and methods, Focal Point will present a rapid, reliable, and inexpensive fabrication system-from prototype to manufacture. Focal Point's bench-top system, the 3DLM, will be used for the rapid prototyping of nano and microdevices in a single-step and a second generation, the 3DLMX, will be used for industrial manufacturing.

Focal Point is focused on placing these microfabrication systems in customer facilities and supplying them with media cartridges of high-performance proprietary materials that provide the-state-of-the art in speed, resolution, and reliability.

The Focal Point system holds promise for manufacturing breakthroughs in biotechnology, defense, nanotechnology, consumer-electronics, and countless other industries that impact our national security, economy, and society.

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Focal Point Microsystems LLC

311 Ferst St. Suite L1324
GA, 30332 Atlanta

Phone: 1 (404) 526 6110

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