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NanoOpto was founded in 2000 with the mission to create a state of the art combined research, development and production facility to commercialize its unique patented and / or proprietary IP and processes for the production of nanoscale optical components, the Somerset, NJ facility commenced operations in 2001. In 2007 NanoOpto was purchased by API Nanotronics, a major international supplier of electronic components and systems.

NanoOpto is capable of producing a wide variety of standard and custom optical components including UV, visible and IR polarizers, IR cut filters, polarizing beam splitters / combiners, optical isolators, waveplates, retarders, trim retarders, lens arrays, WDM filters and polarizing plastic film. NanoOpto's products have been successfully used in applications for optical communication, digital imaging, optical storage, projection display, medical imaging, micro fluidics, military, security and aerospace display. In addition to our products we offer wafer processing services for semiconductor and MEMS applications, including conformal coatings by atomic layer deposition, dicing, packaging laser trimming and implantation.

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1600 Cottontail Lane
NJ, 08873 5117 Somerset

Phone: + 1 (732) 627 0808

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