Palas GmbH

Palas GmbH

The Palas company has stood for innovation, excellent quality, operating efficiency and reliability in the field of aerosol and partial technology for more than 30 years. Company owns its expertise and philosophy of innovation to steady corporate growth. Palas cooperates with such institutions as University of Bochum, University of Stuttgart, University of Wuppertal and Technical University Kaiserlautern.

Production of Palas company is divided into several groups. One of the biggest refers to generations of aerosol. It is a well-known fact that the term "aerosol" is used to describe a mixture of air and all possible particles that could be present in the air. In order to allow clear comparisons of the functions of e.g. filters and particle measurement devices, defined test aerosols made of solids are required. Depending on the model of aerosol generator, the test particles can be generated from solutions, suspensions, powders and dusts, from monolithic solids ( e.g. chalk) or a result of condensation and combustion processes. The test aerosols or test particles are manufactured with optimized dosing consistency and outstanding reproducibility. Palas integrates its production in many fields: process control, environment/ immission measurements, operational safety/hygiene, pressure/ temperature, automotive, pharmacy/ toxicology, smoke detectors, tracer particles and calibration. It is obvious that Palas guarantees optimal solutions for many different challenges. A high claim of quality and precision in detail form the basis for the generation exactly defined aerosols, dusts and soot particles as well as for the reliable particle measurement and testing of filters. All devices are low I'm maintenance, can be calibrated by the customers themselves, are robust and easy to handle. More details on a website of the company.

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Palas GmbH

Greschbachstrasse 3 b
76229 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 721 96213-0

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